My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope Review

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope Review [2023 Edition]

Are you thinking long and hard about what to get for your kids as gifts? Well, why not get them My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope and explore the microscopic world together with them?

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope - MFL-06My First Lab is an award-winning microscope that combines the features of both a compound and a stereo microscope. It is lightweight and highly portable for both indoor research and outdoor exploration.

Instead of letting your kids spend hours gluing to the TV or playing cellphone games, why not expose your kids to the world of science?

Engage them in exploring the super tiny things we do not get to see in our everyday life. e.g. bits of skin, insects’ legs, dandruff on a strand of hair, etc.

This post is an unbiased full review of My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope in which the pros and cons will be revealed.

Do check out our buying guide for microscopes if you are a first-time buyer and have no idea what types of microscopes you will need.

Product Core Features – What’s to Like?

Award Winning STEM Microscope

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope may be the microscope your kids love to build and dismantle things and have a passion for exploring new things.

It will help your STEM-focused kids develop confidence and creative thinking skills via STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) based learning.

2-in-1 Stereo cum Compound Microscope

Instead of exposing your kids to just a conventional stereo or compound microscope, why not let them have the best of both worlds? 🙂

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope can be used as both a stereo or compound microscope depending on what you are viewing under it. This 2-in-1 combo allows you and your kids to view 3D objects like fossils or corals as well as tiny living organisms on a microscope slide.

Equipped with dual lighting (top and bottom), this Duo Scope from My First Lab is able to satisfy your kid’s curiosity for looking at both slides and solid 3D objects and specimens.

Up to 400X Magnification

While you will obviously not be able to get a true blue 400X view, do bear in mind that this awesome dual-function microscope costs less than seventy bucks.

This microscope for students offers 10x ocular laboratory-grade glass lenses. Which means it has enough magnifying power to zoom in on most things with reasonable clarity.

Lightweight and Portable

Your wish has just come true if you have always wanted a portable outdoor microscope that is affordable and of decent quality. This lightweight microscope from My First Lab is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

This durable cordless battery-powered microscope allows your kids to also explore the backyards and outdoor surroundings besides checking out micro-slides at their desks.

FREE 50 Piece Accessory Kit

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope comes supplied with 50 assorted accessories which will allow your kids to kick-start their microscopic world exploration fun right away.
Below is a list of item that comes with the Duo-Scope:

5 blank slides
1 concavity (well) slide
4 prepared slides
2 bottles of stain
Plastic test tube
Plastic Petri dish
Experiment Guide and Operating Manual
And more!

Helpful Instruction Manual with Experiment Guide

If you are worried about not knowing what to do when the Duo Scope arrives. No worries.

Besides the 50-piece accessory kit, My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope also comes with an instruction manual to help guide your kids to make their own prepared slides. There is also an experiment guide to further fuel their passion for scientific exploration.

My First Lab Duo-Scope Product Specification Table

My First Lab Duo-Scope 
Dimension:5.1 x 6.1 x 12.2 inches
Shipping Weight:2.7 pounds
Item Weight:2.9 pounds
Item model number:MFL-06
Magnification Range:400X
Power Source:Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
Manufacturer Recommended Age:9 – 18 years
Lighting:Dual LED Lighting (Top and Bottom)
Warranty:1 year
  • STEM-focused kids
  • Outdoor exploration
  • Viewing of 3D objects like stamps, coins, fossils, rocks etc
  • Viewing of specimens on microscope slides and petri dish
  • many more

Who should buy My First Lab Duo-Scope?

If you wish to expose your kids to both a compound and stereo microscope but do not wish to get both, this is probably a dream come true for you. This dual-function microscope comes with modified objectives and dual LED light. This combination allows you to view both microscopic-sized specimens as well as 3D solid objects.

You may also want to consider getting My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope if you have STEM-focused kids at home. This microscope may not be the best in quality but its 2-in-1 microscope and free accessory kit alone are more than worth the price.

This microscope from My First Lab should provide your kids with hours of microscopic exploration fun.

Who shouldn’t buy My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope?

This dual-function microscope is basically for 9 and older. It is not suitable for biology college students who need higher-end microscopes for their projects.

This microscope is definitely not for small kids as it contains glass microscope slides and sharp instruments. 

Is The Price of My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope Reasonable?

For less than 70 bucks (as of writing this review), the price is definitely a steal for a 2-in-1 compound cum stereo microscope. In addition, with the free 50-piece accessory kits and experiment guide, the microscopic world exploration fun starts the moment your kids lift it out of the box. 

Reviews from Existing Buyers

The majority of the buyers of My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope are relatively happy with the fun experiences it has provided their kids.

Yet there is also a handful of buyers who are unhappy with the highest magnification range of the microscope. Personally, I think for less than 70 bucks, we should not be too overly concerned over it. If you really need a true 400X magnification microscope, be ready to fork out hundreds of dollars for it. 🙂

Some mentioned that the LED light can be painfully bright since it does not come with an intensity adjustment feature.

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope?

Packed with 50 pieces of science accessory kit, in addition to both the experiment guide and instruction manual, My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope will probably be the very first foray into the world of microscopy science for your kids. Add it to your shopping list if you are looking to provide your kids with endless hours of fun and exploration.

What Else to Know?

Cautionary Reminder

If you are getting this for young kids (below 9 years old), please be reminded to exercise caution as the microscope comes with glass microscope slides and sharp instruments. Proper handling and parental supervision are required.


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Product PDFs

User manual


Product FAQ

No, but you can see things like plant cells, enlarged insects and grains of salt and sugar etc.

No, it is more suitable for student in Junior high and below.