Glowing reviews from online retail outlets have proven that AmScope M150C is popular among younger demographics – according to many online review platforms, this compound microscope from AmScope turns out to be the top choice for many parents who are getting a microscope (mostly as a gift) for their children.

AmScope M150C-I 40X-1000X All-Metal Optical Glass Lenses Cordless LED Student Biological Compound Microscope

If you are homeschooling your kids or if they have taken a keen interest in exploring things like plant cells and super tiny moving microorganisms, this compound microscope from AmScope is definitely worth considering.

Below is an in-depth review of AmScope M150C which we hope is useful in your purchase of a compound microscope. Do check out our microscope buying guide if you are not familiar with choosing the best microscope that fits your needs and budget.

Product Core Features – What’s to Like?

360° Swiveling Viewfinder Allows Eyepiece Sharing

This is probably a dream come true for some people as there is no longer a constraint to share eyepiece among fellow colleagues or students while promoting upright posture.

Fixed at an ergonomic angle of 45 degrees, the 360° rotating head of the monocular eyepiece allows sharing among multiple people without having to turn the entire body of the microscope.

5 Levels of Magnification to 1000X – Take Your Pick

Besides having five levels of magnification settings (40X, 100X, 250X, 400X and 1000X), AmScope M150C also comes with a 10x and 25x interchangeable eyepieces which will allow you to set the magnification to 1000x.

Built-in Dual Power Source + LED Lighting System

In addition to the AC power plug-in option, this Amscope monocular microscope also offers a battery option. 

The battery option (three AA batteries) of AmScope M150C makes it possible for you to bring it for any sort of outdoor exploration event. With such portability, the options are limitless. 🙂

All thanks to the single-lens condenser and disc diaphragm. You will love the fact that they offer you the ability to control the right amount of light to shine upon your slide. E.g. More light for dark specimens and low lighting for clear cells and so on…

Easy to Use Precision Coaxial Focusing Knobs

The focus knobs that come with this Amscope compound microscope make it super easy for you to distinguish and adjust your viewpoint of the specimens. Depending on your focus need, you are able to effectively control both knobs for coarse (big knob) and fine adjustments (small knob).

Sturdy Built Quality

The heavyweight of AmScope M150C provides stability in addition to its sturdy and stain-resistant metal frame. You will probably be glad to know that this microscope also comes with a single-lens condenser and disc diaphragm.

AmScope M150C Product Specification Table

AmScope M150C 
Dimension:15 x 10 x 7 inches
Shipping Weight:4.45 pounds
Item Weight:4.55 pounds
Head Type:Monocular
Eyepiece:Wide-field 10x & 25x
Eyepiece Size:23mm
Stage:Single-layer mechanical stage
Condenser:Single lens with disc diaphragm
Stage dimension:3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″
Condenser Type:Brightfield
Magnification range:40X, 100X, 250X, 400X & 1000X
Condenser Optics:NA 0.65
Power supply:110V/60HZ | 3 x AA Batteries
Sliding adjustable interpupillary distance:2-3/16inch ~ 2-15/16inch(55~75mm)
Illumination type:Adjustable LED Lighting
  • Young budding scientists
  • Assessment of wool fiber quality or anything similar
  • Identification of bacteria and fungus
  • View red and white blood cells
  • Check fecal samples for worm eggs in my animals,
  • Analysis of semen samples 🙂
  • Elementary to college science/biology students
  • Hobbyists
  • many more

Who should buy AmScope M150C?

It is not hard to imagine why this AmScope microscope is considered the best student biological compound microscope. It is probably the perfect gift for anyone who has been inspired to become a scientist or is keen to work in the biological lab industry.

This microscope is also ideal for students and teachers and parents in academic, research, and home-school environments.

Who shouldn’t buy it?

People who are expecting medical and industrial grade type of compound microscopes under one hundred bucks should not be getting this AmScope microscope. This microscope offers more than decent quality and features but at a super decent price.

Is The Price of AmScope M150C Reasonable?

If you want a microscope that is of high quality for your school-going kids yet not crazy expensive, AmScope M150C should be your top consideration.

One thing to note is that you should not expect super high magnification power found in those $2000 a-piece high-end microscopes.

Reviews from Existing Buyers

Most buyers bought it AmScope M150C for their kids and are relatively happy with the product quality and customer support.

It has also been noted that most buyers are pretty happy with the quality vs price point value of this AmScope microscope.

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy it?

AmScope M150C may not be the best compound microscope in the market but it should be more than suffice to satisfy the academic requirements and curiosity of many school kids.

If you are looking for the best compound microscope for your school kids at home, this AmScope microscope should be your ideal pick. 

Amscope M150C Product FAQ

No. M150C does not support USB conection.

Yes, the dimness can be controlled using the dial near the bottom.

Yes, you can. You can use 3 AA-sized batteries to power up the microscope.


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