AmScope SM-4TZ-144A Stereo Microscope Review [2023 Edition]

If having the right amount of lighting matters a lot to you when you are working with micro-circuitry boards and tools, you will be glad to know that AmScope SM-4TZ-144A comes with removable 144-bulb LED lighting.
AmScope SM-4TZ-144A Professional Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope, WH10x Eyepieces, 3.5X-90X Magnification, 0.7X-4.5X Zoom Objective, Four-Zone LED Ring Light, Double-Arm Boom Stand, 110V-240V, Includes 0.5X and 2.0X Barlow Lens With this AmScope microscope, you are able to independently control light intensity and direction of its LED light that spans across four separate zones.

On top of that, it also comes with a pair of 10x super wide-field eyepieces to help enhance the magnification of the objects you are viewing.

If you are a research professional looking for a decent stereo microscope, be sure to read this full review of AmScope SM-4TZ-144A below.

Do check out our microscope buying guide if you would like to know how to pick one that suits your budget and requirements.

Product Core Features – What’s to Like?

Double-arm Boom Stand for Long Working Distance

One of the professional features of AmScope SM-4TZ-144A that we like is that it enables you to work with large-scale objects.

It does not matter if you are left or right-handed, the bilateral focus on the stand eliminates that problem. The stand could also be pivoted out of the way when you do not need it, thanks to its lateral arms.

Does your work involve the manipulation of large objects like computer motherboards and large artifacts? If so, this AmScope stereo microscope double-arm boom stand can help. It has 20″ arms and a 17″ pillar that will enable you to position the microscope head on three axes (X, Y, and Z.

Its multi-pivoting double-arm boom stand also comes with flexible support which is ideal for hands-on work.

High-eyepoint Eyepieces

It does not matter if you are optically challenged or not, SM-4TZ-144A’s high-eye point eyepiece has a dioptric adjustment feature for people with eye-sight differences.

360° Rotational View Head Enables Sharing

Besides having a 45-degree inclination ergonomic design to help reduce neck and eye strain, AmScope SM-4TZ-144A also offers a 360° Rotational View Head.

With this 360° pivoting view head, you no longer do you have to move the entire microscope back and forth for your fellow research colleagues. You can now conveniently swing the viewing head of the microscope to the colleague sitting beside you or opposite you. 🙂

Additional Barlow Lenses Extend Magnification Power to 90X

If making use of various magnification ranges forms part of your daily routine, you will be delighted to know that SM-4TZ-144A offers additional lenses that can be added onto various objective lenses.

You can choose to either increase the working distance by using the 0.5X Barlow lenses or power up the magnification range with its 2.0X Barlow lenses.

Reflected Episcopic 4 Zones LED Light Bulbs

As we mentioned at the beginning, SM-4TZ-144A is for you if you need to adjust the intensity of your lighting on a regular basis while working on your specimens. You will fall in love with its removable 144-bulb LED ring light. Why? Because it comes with a rheostat to help you control the light intensity as well as the direction of the light.

This four zones (100,000-hour life span) LED ring light offers cool and shadow-free illumination. Perfect for people working with temperature-sensitive objects.

Trinocular port Offers Photo/Video Capability

If you need to take footage or video of your specimen or object, you will come to appreciate the vertical trinocular port (23mm). It can either be used as a C-Mount or a mounting port for cameras.

Maximum brightness can be achieved if it is alternated with the left ocular when you need to connect to a monitor.

AmScope SM-4TZ-144A Product Specification Table

AmScope SM-4TZ-144A 
Dimension:21.5 x 21.5 x 19.5 inches
Shipping Weight:61.1 pounds

Item Weight:

61.5 pounds

Item model number:

Magnification Range:3.5X to 90X

Zoom objective power:

Field of view:2-1/2″
Optical working distance:Up to 8″
Head movement:X-, Y-, and Z-axes
Manufacturer Recommended Age:9 – 18 years
Lighting:Four-zone 144-bulb LED ring light with rheostat
Illumination type:Episcopic (reflected)
Warranty:5 years
  • SMD board work
  • Electrical Repair Work
  • Soldering Work
  • PCB Assembly/Inspection
  • Surface Mount Electronic Works
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Coin/Stamp
  • Engraving
  • Dissecting
  • Dental Lab
  • Laboratory
  • Mineralogy
  • Teaching/Training
  • many more

Who should buy AmScope SM-4TZ-144A?

You should get AmScope SM-4TZ-144A if you are someone who needs a high-quality stereo microscope on a regular basis. Especially so if you require one that offers long work distance and good quality LED lighting and lenses.

This trinocular microscope is also suitable for entry-level users as well as professionals. Professionals who need a spare unit at home office or lab yet do not wish to pay a bomb for those high-end models used in the lab or research facilities.

Who shouldn’t buy it

AmScope SM-4TZ-144A is obviously not affordable in terms of pricing and unless it serves its intended purpose for you on a regular basis, we would not recommend you get it.

For example, if you do not work with large-scale specimens or objects that require a long working distance, there is really no need to get this microscope.

Is The Price of AmScope SM-4TZ-144A Reasonable?

If you compare its quality and features to that of high-end microscope models like Nikon or Olympus, you will be quickly convinced that AmScope SM-4TZ-144A is definitely worth its asking price.

Reviews from Existing Buyers

While some buyers do mention that the LED illumination is still not up to their expectations, we beg to differ. The 144-bulb LED Ring light that comes with SM-4TZ-144A should be bright enough for most applications. Although we do agree that it may not be if you are performing some highly intensive research work that needs super bright illumination power. On the whole, most buyers are happy with AmScope SM-4TZ-144A’s long working distance feature and its good quality lenses, and so on. Moreover, this AmScope microscope comes with a whopping 5 years warranty which should give you peace of mind. 🙂

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy it?

AmScope SM-4TZ-144A is definitely a rising star in the microscopy industry. While it may not be a true blue trinocular like those with image-splitting prism features and more, it will definitely be more than worthy to be a spare unit that every professional would wish to have on their desk at home.

What Else to Know About AmScope SM-4TZ-144A?

Assembly Video of AmScope SM-4TZ-144A

Product FAQ

  • One trinocular stereo microscope head
  • One pair of 10X eyepieces
  • One pair eye-guards
  • One 0.5X Barlow lens
  • One 2X Barlow lens
  • One double-arm boom stand with a focusing rack
  • One ring light with mounting adapter
  • One power controller for ring-light