For decades, Celestron has been a popular leading brand in the optics industry since it’s launch of C8 telescope (an 8″ f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain) in 1970.

It is also known for development of cutting edge products (telescopes, microscopes and sport optics etc) using revolutionary technologies.

Celestron should be one of your top considerations if you are looking for handheld digital microscope.

Be sure to read up our reviews of various Celestron models before clicking on the buy button.

5 Best Celestron Microscopes Reviewed for 2021

Buying a microscope is actually NOT an easy task, contrary to what many people may assume. Getting one requires you to spend hours on research - reading ...

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Celestron 44302 Handheld Digital USB Microscope Review [2021 Edition]

When it comes to digital USB handheld microscope, Celestron 44302 obviously know what they are doing. From hobbyists to the likes of circuit board ...

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